About Us

VSP Jewelry Design Gallery Works Hard Making Our Customers a Priority

Paul and YeeMan Lee have figured out how to keep their small jewelry store afloat as many small businesses are closing their doors. Paul and YeeMan Lee have been joint owners of VSP Jewelry Design Gallery at Lake Forest Park Towne Centre for over 31 years making them the oldest merchant in the mall. They have seen many neighboring businesses come and go over the years.

YeeMan Lee credits their uniqueness as one quality that has kept them alive while others have failed. We don’t emphasize any particular kind of stone. We don’t discriminate with the type of jewelry we bring into the store, meaning we don’t just have the diamonds, rubies and sapphires that are found in many of the bigger chain stores.  For example we carry stones like the spectacular 32-carat pear shaped swiss blue topaz, displayed modestly in the corner of one of our many glass cases. We get our stones from all over the world.  

Our customers want individuality and seek it out from our collection.  Many of the bigger chain stores don’t make customer service a priority. There are many variables that Lee examines to help her customer find that ideal fit. Sometimes a person will think she wants something because it looks amazing in the display case. Yet when she tries it on she may not like how it looks on her. Maybe the stone is too big or the color doesn’t suit her complexion. Maybe the setting isn’t right for the size of her finger. We rule out all the negative possibilities before we get to the design process.

The Lees aren’t just trying to sell something. They are very conscientious about whatever piece somebody purchases from them. They don’t want that customer to come back with repairs. Once the design is decided Lee’s husband Paul puts it together. They both do repairs, depending on the type of repair needed.  They also do costume jewelry and silver smithing.  Unlike many other jewelry stores that send out their repairs, the Lees do all their repairs on site, allowing them to have better quality control.  They spend a lot of their time repairing pieces from other jewelry stores. They strive to create the best quality piece for their customer so they won’t be repairing it later. They work to make their pieces practical to wear with less maintenance while not diminishing the beauty and originality of the piece. Their main goal is to make the customer happy or rather to exceed their expectations. 

We work six days a week with only Sundays off making sure that our customers leave the store delighted. Very seldom do we have to remake something Lee says with a smile.  This small jewelry store has become a home away from home for the Lees. To understand what people are buying we have to commit to our community and follow the local economy. Our customers are our neighbors, not just nameless faces. We have to match the jewelry to the person. It’s not just about making beautiful pieces.